Newborn and Family Photographer - Massachusetts: Cape Cod, Boston and Rhode Island

Mom and Dad cuddle baby in their home in Massachusetts

I'm excited to share with you some new changes at Emerald Eye Photography! 

Over the past few months, I've been looking at my growing business and decided I really needed to specialize in specific sessions - so, change #1 - as of 2017, I am officially a Newborn Lifestyle and Family Photographer. If you have any new additions coming to your family, I would love to meet them this year!

The next change involves perks for you...each session fee will include 20 digital files, instead of 12! I know people really want their digital images - I would too! I've recently wondered, though, what's happening to your files after a session...I know some of you have ordered prints, but I bet the majority have put it on a "to-do" list, and the images are just sitting on your computer. My last big change will help with this!

Who can resist old Family photos?

Who can resist old Family photos?

I remember sitting at my parent's house with my siblings a few years ago looking at old photos we found in a shoebox. They held so many memories and stories! It was a fun night of reminiscing. I realized quickly though, that this probably won't happen for the next generation, so the goal of my third change, is to provide you with a service that gets your photos off of your computer and onto your walls or into your hands!

I am proud to now offer a Reveal Night! This will take place at your home, allowing you to relax and stay comfortable. During the Reveal Night, I'll show you a custom slideshow of your photos and help you to choose the 20 included files that you'd like. I'll also present a few product samples and offer a Reveal Night discount on all products and collections - and the best news - you'll receive all of your digital files with the purchase of any collection! Not only will you have access to all of your edited photos, but you'll also be able to order prints and products that can be passed down and happily remembered in a few years!

I understand that a Reveal Night may not be exactly what you're looking for, so if you are out of town, or if you really just want to sort through an online gallery, that will also still be an option. I highly encourage a Reveal Night though - you'll get special discounts and take one more thing off of your "to-do" list.

Client Guide for Family and Newborn sessions on Cape Cod Massachusetts

I'm so excited to see what 2017 has to offer! I'd love to hear your thoughts, answer any questions, and book your next session whenever you're ready. Be sure to check out my Facebook page for upcoming blog posts about this new experience too!

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