An Amazing Little Man!: Massachusetts In-Home Newborn Session

Relaxed Newborn Lifestyle Session

Confession time - I've had these photos open in a window on my computer and ready to go for the last two months! Summer family sessions have kept me really busy, but I have a little lull until Fall photos start, so I'm hoping to get some of my favorite sessions up on the blog!

Mr. Liam was born in April, had his photo session in June, and, now - at almost five months old - will finally have his own blog post ...shared with his family and big sister of course! 

Mom and Dad hold newborn during in-home relaxed newborn photo session in Massachusetts

I met Kerry twenty years ago (!) when we both played for our College volleyball team. I'm sure we met even earlier playing against each other in High School, but once we were in college we became roommates and great friends. It's been amazing watching our lives change and all of the phases we've been through together - the newest addition to her family is just the most recent one!

Mom and Dad cuddle newborn and toddler during Newborn Lifestyle session in Massachusetts.

Newborn smiles up at camera during relaxed photo session in Massachusetts

Liam joined his family on April 14th, after a few weeks of waiting. His big sister seemed to jump into her big sister role and "helped" him to smile during a few photos!

Toddler pinches baby's cheek during in-home lifestyle photo session in Norton Massachusetts

Family cuddles on a bed during Newborn Lifestyle photo session in Massachusetts

Kerry and Brian seemed to totally understand the "lifestyle" part of Newborn photos - They were perfect at cuddling together, snuggling their little one, and letting me capture their new everyday routine. 

Family and Dad cuddle on bed during photo session in Norton Massachusetts

One of the reasons I love in-home Newborn sessions so much is that everyone seems so much more comfortable and relaxed. If the baby needs a break to nurse, or a two year old needs some attention from Mom and Dad, it's easy to allow time for it without feeling like you have to get out of a studio at a certain time. Also, the parents don't have to pack up and remember all of the new things they need to bring with them when they leave the house! Even just being able to change a diaper easily where all of your things are seems so much less stressful for everyone.

If you're interested in a relaxed, in-home Newborn session, check out the details on my Newborn Lifestyle page and download my free Client Guide with helpful tips for your session!