Massachusetts Mom - Meet Natalie.

The moment a child is born, a mother is born also.
— Rajneesh.

Natalie became a Mom on December 17, 2017, just two months ago, when she gave birth to her son, Finn. He was born via C-section and Natalie remembers the weird feeling of being awake during the procedure - but also having it be so amazing when he was finally held up!

Mom looking at Newborn, hospital photo session.

I met Natalie and her wife, Raven, in college and I was so excited for them when I found out they were expecting! We did a Fresh 48 session at Milford Hospital and then a Newborn Lifestyle session at their house a few weeks later. Be on the lookout for a blog post comparing the two (and see how much Finn has grown!) in the next few weeks!

Newborn with Mom - Milford Massachusetts Fresh 48 photo session

I asked Natalie a few questions about being pregnant and New Mom life - here are her answers!

New Mom in Massachusetts newborn photographer

What advice would you give to Moms who are expecting?

Having a baby is the most amazing experience. However, it is ok to feel overwhelmed and say to yourself “what the hell have I done?” in the first couple weeks of being a new Mom. It’s a hard adjustment coupled with the lack of sleep. Don’t worry you will get the hang of it quickly and start to feel better within the first month!

Are there any resources that were helpful for you when you were pregnant?

Friends!!! I started reading What to expect when you are expecting but honestly they go over EVERYTHING and that got too overwhelming! The Happiest Baby in the Block was a good book to know the basics about the 5 s’s.

Newborn photo South Shore Massachusetts

What is your favorite moment of being pregnant or of being a Mom so far?

I loved being pregnant ... all the clothes and people go out of their way to help or be nice to you! It’s the best. Finn is two months and I still find myself saying “I can’t believe I have a son!” When he smiled at me, my heart melted. They really do grow fast and seeing him start to really recognize me and interact is the best! I also love the snuggles you get! Him falling asleep on my chest is the best!

How has being a Mom affected your other relationships?

Luckily almost all my friends have kids. I will say it has impacted my social life bc it’s hard to stay up late! When there are a lot of people he can get overstimulated and that doesn’t bode welll for the night time sleep. As much as you want to see people in the first few months life really is all about baby. My advice is as soon as you are comfortable get out and do things! Or have people visit! You will feel more normal.

Is there anything that's different about motherhood than you thought it would be?

The lack of sleep is WAY harder than I expected! People tell you and joke about not sleeping anymore but wow! The first month is a haze.

What baby item would you recommend everyone have in their home?

My breast friend is way better than the boppy to breast feed! Also get a milk saver to catch the leak from the boob you are not feeding from, and soothies nipple pads are a life saver in the beginning. Also a big yoga ball to bounce the baby on has been a life saver when he gets cranky! Having some sort of wrap or carrier to put your baby in will allow you to be mobile when they don’t want to go down or go to sleep without being held!

What is the next milestone that you're looking forward to the most?

Laughing! Can’t wait to hear him giggle

Newborn and Mom in Boston

Finn is going to have an amazing life and I can't wait to see him grow!

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