One Newborn, Two sessions! - Massachusetts Fresh 48 and Newborn Lifestyle Sessions

New this year, I’ve started offering First Year Bundle packages for parents who plan ahead and know that they want to capture their new little one in all of the stages of their First Year of life! The bundle package includes a Maternity session, a Newborn session, a session at 6 months old, and a session on the baby’s First birthday….and sometimes, when I’m lucky, I have parents book two Newborn sessions - a Fresh 48 session in the hospital, and Newborn Lifestyle photos at home. This is REALLY my favorite thing because I’m a little bit obsessed with seeing how much a baby changes from the day of their birth to about a month old…Little Natalie was just 24 hours old during her first photos, which took place in the hospital.


Fresh 48 sessions are so special because they truly capture your little baby at their littlest! They take place within the first 48 hours after birth - and honestly, some Moms don’t even stay in the hospital much longer than that these days! The session is quick and easy - I know you’re just getting used to having a baby as part of your life, and you’re still healing up, so I try to be as fast and unobtrusive as possible. Natalie’s Moms were awesome to work with. They’re both really sweet and laidback and they seemed like they were pros at having pictures taken! I honestly think too, that everyone is so enthralled with their babies at that point, that it’s all pretty easy. All you have to do is look at your little one and love on them to get some awesome photos…and who can resist the most wrinkly baby feet that they’ll ever have?…


Your time in the hospital can go so quickly, it’s always nice to have something to look back on so you don’t forget all of the little details.


Because I knew that we were going to be doing another session in about a month, we made sure to take some photos that could be replicated at home. Natalie had a big furry brother waiting for her arrival so her Moms brought an super cute Goldendoodle onesie to the hospital…and you can see how much bigger she got just a month later!


One month and three days later, I met these ladies at their house and I was amazed - like I always am - at how much had changed! Both of her Moms seemed like they were settling into their new roles and Natalie had grown so much…I was also introduced to Toby - the cutest big brother I’ve ever met!


Natalie had grown from a tiny little newborn baby to a small, but much larger, little human girl! She smirked, and loved to be cuddled. She fussed when she got changed and calmed down quickly once she was warm. She loved hanging out with brother and had such a cute nursery to grow into!


Not only did her house have amazing light, it was also decorated just perfectly for photos. Each picture felt homey and it was easy to include details that make the in-home sessions so much more personal. Toby even stuck around for quite a few photos, although I think by the time we were done, he had enough!


Even though Natalie is 8 months old now, I hope her Moms will always have these photos to help them remember the times when she was at her smallest! I have a feeling we might be seeing a few recreation photos of her laying with her big brother in the next few years!

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