When Three become Four…A Massachusetts Maternity Session

The first time I took photos for Melanie and Mike was a few years ago, when they were expecting their first baby. I actually photographed their baby shower and had fun catching up with old friends and seeing all fo the loving people they’ve connected with in their lives. When I met up with them in March for her maternity session, they were getting ready to welcome the fourth member of their family!

Kai is the cutest big brother and I remember being excited to meet the new little one before he arrived. Melanie and I talked alot about how she thought Kai would be as a big brother and what the difference would be having two. I always love to hear people’s approaches. Some new Moms try to map it all out and plan for every scenario, but I remember Melanie just going with the flow. She seemed peaceful, and happy, and probably a bit tired…but if she was stressed, you’d never know it! Melanie’s maternity session took place on a chilly March day, but we lucked out without any rain…and a happy two year old!


Kai, their oldest, is really one of the cutest kids I’ve ever met - he’s sometimes a little shy in the beginning but he warms up quickly and has the best smiles. (Mom and Dad seem to know all of the good jokes!)….


…but, because he’s two, he also does things like this, so I have to remember to be quick when I shoot: :)


I really love his little nose squinches and silliness! Mom and Dad saved the ultrasound photos with one of their own ;) I think Kai was just below them making funny noises, so they did a great job not getting distracted!


Melanie and Mike’s family added their newest member in May - another boy! It’s been fun to catch up with them a few times since then to see them grow…and to watch Kai become an amazing big brother! I can’t wait to see you again in a few months for One Year old photos!


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