A Windy Beach Family Session on Cape Cod

It’s been awhile since I’ve actually had to cancel a photo session - last year I seemed to luck out every time there was a rain storm - I was either free that day, or the rain cleared up leaving beautiful skies. Last Friday, I wasn’t so lucky! Emily and Lindsay had been planning their photos to coincide with their quick Cape Cod vacation and I was excited to check out a new location!


Friday morning I woke up to a wind advisory on my phone, but didn’t think much of it - it seems like most things pass quickly over the Cape. Around 5pm, when the wind was still a little wild, I started to get concerned…it didn’t look like this was going to pass! With their session scheduled for 7pm, I sent a text over to Emily and asked if they wanted to think about rescheduling. After going back and forth, and without a lot of times to choose from, I decided to head in their direction and have them scope it out for me when they arrived. Around 6:30, I got a text that said “We couldn’t even walk on the beach or hear each other talk! It’s crazy out- but it’s so pretty!”…and it really was! Sitting in my car, the sky looked gorgeous and as long as you didn’t try to do anything, it was beautiful!….Just not ideal for photos. :/ Luckily, the ladies decided to tack on one more night to their Cape Cod vacation and we met up yesterday - it was still a little windy but not even half as bad as it was…and the night really was beautiful this time!

Their son, Casey, turned one last month and had the biggest smile on his face from the time they first walked over to me. I know I say this every time, but he really was the cutest!


Emily and Lindsay are great Moms - they were both laid-back and relaxed and it was easy to see how much they love each other and Casey. Anytime his smile would drift away, they were able to make him laugh with snuggles, horsing around, and even jumping jacks on the beach!


I’m so glad the weather cooperated and we were able to meet! I love finding new locations also - this one has a real “Cape Cod” feel to it and I can’t wait to come back again :)


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