And then the fog rolled in!...A Family Photo Session on Cape Cod

Friday was a perfect Cape Cod day - lots of sun, a slight breeze, barely a cloud in the sky, and nothing different forecasted. I had a Family photo session scheduled for 7:15pm, so I left my house with a little extra time to be able to scope out the beach and make sure there weren’t any unexpected changes.

As I pulled into the center of Osterville, it seemed like it was getting a little chilly outside. I closed my windows and thought it was a little bit strange…I continued on towards Dowses Beach and turned left onto the long drive. As soon as I took that turn, everything was grey and I saw a huge fog bank rolling right across the water. The temperature dropped another few degrees and I realized that I couldn’t even see the waves from the parking lot!

I started to get a little nervous and ran through a few alternate locations we could get to before sunset if this wasn’t going to work out!…Usually when I arrive, I get out of the car, roam around a bit, move sticks and things that were left behind from areas that I want to shoot in, and then hang out and relax for a few minutes. On Friday, I stayed in my car and watched the minutes tick away as the fog kept coming in!

Around 7:05, it started to get a little bit lighter out, the fog started to dissipate and I could see the waves - I started to feel better! By 7:10, it was still foggy, but seemed more manageable - although it didn’t ever really warm up again!


This family was amazing though! They were happy to stay on the beach and toughed it out. They also thought to bring a change of clothes, which was fun (and needed on a cold night!)…By the end of their session, they were in their Black Dog sweatshirts to pay tribute to their fur-baby, Gilly!

Their littlest guy is only six months old! He was definitely chilly by the end of their photos, but stayed warm wrapped up in Dad’s arms and a blanket for the walk back to the car.


I always love when families bring their dogs along for Family photos - They’re the first ones that teach you how to parent before your human babies come along and I love including them in sessions! It was easy to see the love for everyone in this family of four ;)

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