A Cape Cod Summer Family Photo Session

When I first started speaking to Wanda about Family photos on the Cape in June, they seemed so far away…Now that they’ve happened, I’m having a hard time believing that the 4th of July is right around the corner! I’m trying to do my best to slow down the days and really appreciate everything that the Cape offers in the summer - and I think this family will help me do that!


I love seeing Cape Cod through the eyes of vacationers. It’s so easy to drive past a beach and to be so preoccupied with mundane things, that you miss the beauty of it! This family was excited to be hanging out on the Cape for a week…and by the time I met them on Tuesday, they had already been on a Whale Watch, eaten at Fisherman’s View in Sandwich, and explored a few beaches. In the same days, I had done some laundry, organized some photo stuff, and watched Netflix…I definitely need to schedule some more “Cape time” over the next few weeks! :)

Wanda did a really nice job putting this session together for her family. She had lots of ideas and good questions that all paid off. The location was perfect and their outfits were coordinated so well - Everyone looked great! Her three grandchildren were all really cooperative too!


After a few photos up in the grassy area, we headed down to the beach for more photos…and to let the kids have a little fun…This is definitely one of my new favorite photos!


Before we wrapped up (and after a few races on the beach) we made sure that everyone had at least one family photo to go along with the big group photos. I hope these will help this family remember an amazing vacation full of fun family time on the Cape!


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