Relaxed, In-home, Newborn Photos - The cutest little girl with amazing hair!

I have many more Family Beach sessions to blog, but this little lady has been sitting on my Newborn list for too long! Her session was back in the beginning of July, when she was just 9 days old. Now that she’s almost two months, I can only imagine how much she’s changed. It always amazes me how different little babies look - even from a Fresh 48 session (in the hospital within the first 48 hours of life!) to a Newborn Lifestyle session at home, just a few weeks later!

I hope Lauren and Brian enjoy looking back at how small their girl was two months ago!


One of my favorite things to capture is just how little the babies are in relation to their Moms or Dads. Having your little one sit along Dad’s chest facing out, is definitely one of my favorite poses - soon, you’ll see long legs instead of little feet that fold up inside one hand, and arms grabbing and reaching for things rather than folding in on themselves.


Even though the photos take place in your home, we can still incorporate cute wraps and props - just instead of being propped up in a bucket, your baby will be in your arms or photographed on your bed!


The main reason I love in-home Newborn sessions, though, is that it’s all so much more personal. We’re using your couch, where you’ll sit and feed your baby thousands of times! Your nursery, where you’ll have sleepless nights and sing lots of lullabies, and your home, where you child will grow and where you’ll get so many hugs and snuggles! There is something really cute about your baby propped up and posed for photos, but I love that these sessions are unique to your family and can’t be replicated by anyone else


Plus, if you’ve put lots of time into your nursery, it’s fun to have it documented!


Ava’s nursery had a perfect little rug for a few solo photos! As we photographing her though, we got a visitor. Lauren’s first “baby”. ;) She wasn’t very interested in posing with her sister, but she was very content to look out the window!


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