Baby Shower and Fresh 48 - Boston, Massachusetts

Pregnant Mom at her baby shower in Boston

Melanie and I grew up on Cape Cod together - We ended up going to the same college and remained friends after school. I was so happy for her and her husband, Mike, when I found out she was pregnant and jumped on board to take their photos!

Baby shower games in Boston Massachusetts



Melanie had her baby shower at the Hawthorne Hotel in Salem, MA. Her great group of friends and family were eagerly awaiting her baby! A few weeks later, after some long days for Mom and Dad, little Kai made his appearance and I've never seen two parents happier and more in love with their little man! 


Kai has been surrounded by love since the day he was born (...really since they found out they were pregnant!) 

Two day old baby during Fresh 48 session in Boston Massachusetts
Mom and family taking photos of new baby in Boston Massachusetts during Fresh 48 session


Fresh 48 sessions take place in the hospital and really are my favorite because both parents get to relax and it's so fun to see everyone in such of awe of their new little one! 


Because infants change so fast, I love capturing the small details that are so different in just a few days...Kai was only a day old in these photos!

Dad holding baby's toes in Boston hospital session, Massachusetts
Newborn holding onto Dad's fingers in Boston Hospital Maternity
New baby looks up at Mom with one eye open in Massachusetts

There is also something super special about the "hospital" things that happen during the session - learning how to care for your baby, hearing suggestions, and adapting to your new life as a Mom and Dad...I love the expressions parents give as they're learning information and navigating their new roles!

Nurse helps new Dad while checking on Newborn on hospital bed during Fresh 48 session in Boston, Massachusetts

One of my absolute FAVORITE things though, is watching the new parents help each other to dress or change their little baby! I love watching their four hands work to get the baby's little arms and legs into arm holes and leg holes...You can tell by their teamwork that they'll be ok. ;)

Mom and Dad help to dress Newborn baby boy on hospital bed in Boston Massachusetts
Mom and Dad help to dress little baby in hospital during Fresh 48 session in Boston Massachusetts

A Fresh 48 session lets your capture your little one when they're at their littlest! I do love posed newborn photos, but this experience captures the essence of being a new parent, at a time when you may be overwhelmed with joy and unable to fully remember all the details! Contact me to book your session - I travel all over Massachusetts and Rhode Island and would love to work with you!

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