My favorite Newborn Nursery details

Growing up as a child #3 out of 4, I'm not sure I had a nursery! I know my parents kept me safe and I slept somewhere, but I have a feeling my two older sisters may have had a nicer room than I did as a baby. ;) As a Newborn photographer, I'm lucky enough to see amazing nurseries - especially after a first child is born!

Whenever we enter the baby's room during a session, there always seems to be a peace to the room. Most parents admit that, for now, they've barely been in there, but it always fun to see just how little their baby looks in their crib and how many clothes they all have!

Newborn clothing - Cape Cod Family and Newborn Photographer

I love asking the parents to cuddle with their little ones and scoot in nice and close - this way we can get a few nursery details and capture some sweet moments.

In-home Newborn photography

I'm also a LITTLE bit obsessed with photos that are shot through doorways, looking into the nursery, with the new Moms looking at their little humans - I always think about how amazed they must be to be looking at their new babies after so many months of planning!

Cape Cod and Boston Moms and Newborns

Little details that make your nursery unique are also fun to capture - items with your baby's name, special family heirlooms, and of course books - seem to be staples in every room so far!

Newborn details in-home photography session, Cape Cod
New baby details, Newborn nursery, Cape Cod
Newborn nursery baby books, Boston and Cape Cod

One other fun thing about nurseries, is that they can grow with your child - Little Kai below, was happy to show how big he had gotten during his 1st birthday session...and his parents could quickly remember the "easier days', when he wasn't able to stand holding onto his crib!

Cape Cod and Boston One year old baby

In-home Newborn sessions are always so special and offer a great way to document all of your hard work! If you don't have a nursery set up yet, an in-home session would still work for you! We can capture any details you'd like and have the majority of your session in your living room or master bedroom.

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