When your little one becomes a big brother or sister...

Toddler holds Newborn baby in home photos in Boston Massachusetts
Dad looks at Newborn with toddler in his arms Boston Massachusetts
Toddler holds Newborn in-hospital in Boston Massachusetts

One of the perks of being a newborn photographer is seeing the transition when a new baby enters the family -  all of a sudden, your firstborn is a "big" brother or sister. I've heard so many parents say, "I can't believe how big he looks" when they compare their 18 month old to the 2 day old!

They also can't remember their big boy or girl ever being so tiny...Fresh 48 and Newborn Lifestyle photos let you capture your little one while they are at their littlest, so you will have photos to look back on forever.

I love watching the big siblings take it all in and try to figure out what's happening. One little girl was convinced that her baby brother was a sister because she became one...Another "big" brother held his sister, looked at her strangely, and said "Mom, I think she's alive!". It's amazing to see little minds at work and be able to document how it all comes together.

If you are looking for a Cape Cod, Massachusetts, or Rhode Island family or newborn photographer, I would love to add your family's story to my portfolio! Contact me to discuss details and check on availability!

Toddler holds her baby brother in-home session in Massachusetts