Cape Cod Newborn Photographer: In-home Lifestyle

Relaxed, In-home Newborn Session

Baby newborn details during Lifestyle, relaxed, in home session in Massachusetts

There is something so special about in-home newborn sessions - every house has different light and every baby has a different personality, but the one constant is that every new parent is always excited to show me their little one!

Baby makes funny face at Mom - Lifestyle session Cape Cod Massachusetts

Little Maureen ("Moe") was full of expressions - little smirks and smiles and lots of love for everyone in her family. Her Mom, sister, and grandparents were able to help her through her first photoshoot!

I love focusing on the details that give you perspective of how little she is...two fingers fit under her big sister's thumbnail!

Teenage sister holds Newborns hands - Relaxed photos on Cape Cod Massachusetts

Small as she was, she gave all of her effort when it came time to eat - look at her little fist!

Cape Cod Newborn feeding and sitting with Mom - Lifestyle photos in Massachusetts

Moe is clearly loved by everyone in the family, but I think she may have her grandparent's wrapped around her little finger soon!

Cape Cod Grandparents hold their newborn granddaughter - Lifestyle photos in Massachusetts

Most Newborn photo sessions take place in living rooms, master bedrooms, and nurseries, but we can make any space work! I'm sure your house will photograph much nicer than you think!

Contact me to book your session - I'd love to meet your little one!