Fresh 48 Sessions

Mom holding new baby during in-hospital Fresh 48 session in Massachusetts

I never realized how quickly babies change until I saw a Facebook post from one of my new Moms just a week after being home! It's been awesome to follow along on their journey and see her son growing so fast...

Fresh 48 sessions capture your little ones at their littlest! These sessions take place in the first 48 hours after birth - in the hospital, birthing center, or your home - depending on where you deliver. The focus is on your new baby and the natural family connections. I do my best to stay out of the way and just let you enjoy your newest family member - I think sometimes the new parents are so in awe that they forget I'm even there!

I travel throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island and I'd love to add you as client! Please contact me to book your session!

Dad kissing Newborn while Mom smiles during Fresh 48 session in Falmouth
Toddler holds new baby brother - Fresh 48 session in Boston
Mom holds new baby while grandparents look on during Newborn session in Boston
Toddler looks at new baby sister in-hospital - Newborn Fresh 48 in Massachusetts
New baby sleeps in hospital swaddle blanket - Boston Massachusetts
Mom and Dad in hospital bed during Fresh 48 session South Shore Massachusetts
Brand new baby, two days old, looking up at Dad in Boston Massachusetts
Mt Auburn Massachusetts Maternity Newborn photos
Brigham and Womens Hospital Boston Massachusetts Newborn
Brand new baby - newborn photo in the hospital on the South Shore of Massachusetts
Newborn baby at Brigham and Women's hospital in Boston Massachusetts in bassinet