Twin boys - A Newborn Lifestyle Session..and then One Year photos at the beach!

About a year and a half ago, I met two brand new baby boys - and their equally as sweet Mom and Dad at their house for an in-home Newborn Lifestyle session. I remember being so excited when I received an inquiry from their Mom because it was also my first Newborn session with twins! I always love meeting new babies, so I knew two at once would be even better…About a year after that session, I met up with their family again at Mayflower Beach in Yarmouth Ma, for their One Year photos. You can see from the photo below that a lot of things had changed, including their size, from the last time I had seen them!


But let’s back up a little….these two guys were the best to photograph when they were Newborns! Watching their Mom and Dad hand them off to each other and try to keep one calm while the other fussed, was like getting an inside glimpse into new routines that they were all learning together. They were becoming pros at feeding one, changing the other, snuggling one, giggling with the other, and holding them both at the same time! The boys were never too far apart during their session.


We took lots of photos in their living room and nursery and their dog, even jumped in for a few of them! Everyone was beginning to adjust to their new roles.


When I met up with them again a year later, a lot was very different! Holding both of them at the same time was a little more difficult. Mom and Dad were clearly pros at twin-life now, and they didn’t get phased by two different needs at the same time. Their boys were just as cute as I remembered and it was amazing to see how “grown-up” they were - they went from floppy Newborns to One Year olds who could stand…and almost walk!


These two knew how to pose for the camera and were really content to be together.


I remember when they were standing, that one of the twins was a little more nervous than the other to be on their own and upright without Mom and Dad’s help. I love seeing how the different personalities shine through, even in little moments like those.

When I met them during their Newborn session, it was tricky to imagine that in just a year they would be so different…I mean, I understand that time passes and little ones grow, but that first year of life just always amazes me so much!


Even though everything changes with the addition of little family members - and probably even more so with two little humans - I always try to have my couples take one photo by themselves to remember how it all started. I almost love the pullback of this one just as much as the couple photo. :)


I was so happy to work with this family again and to see how everyone had adjusted to that First Year of life - Happy to say, all looked like it was going well!…and even better, we got to Mayflower Beach super early so they were able to switch into swimsuits after their session and jump into the water!


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