Why I love LIfestyle Photos

Mom looking at baby with dog in-home session Massachusetts

It's hard not to admit that posed newborn photos are really cute, but I LOVE capturing newborns just as they are! LIfestyle sessions allow you to relax and remember your little one as you see them every morning, noon, and night. Babies change so quickly - before you know it they're smiling, sitting up, crawling, and walking. Your newborn becomes a baby, a toddler, a child...

Lifestyle photos can take place at any age  - during a Fresh 48 session, in the first two days after birth, during the first month of life as you're all settling in, or even when everyone has grown a bit. They are perfect for capturing your everyday routines...I love to see help you see the uniqueness in your life!

I think one of my new Moms said it best: "Lifestyle sessions really capture the natural beauty of everyday life with a baby. The posed images you get with a traditional newborn shoot can be stunning, but they don't necessarily conjure up memories of what it was like to care for your child, to interact with him or her, to see that sparkle in his eyes as he gazes back at Mommy and Daddy. Those first few weeks in a child's life go by so fast, and it's a treasure to be able to freeze that moment in time with a beautiful candid photograph."

See what other new Moms had to say here and contact me to book your session!

Newborn holding Dad's finger during Fresh 48 session in Boston Massachusetts
Toddler playing with newborn in-home relaxed session in Boston Massachusetts
Dad feeds newborn while Mom smiles in Cotuit Massachusetts