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A Cape Cod Summer Family Photo Session

When I first started speaking to Wanda about Family photos on the Cape in June, they seemed so far away…Now that they’ve happened, I’m having a hard time believing that the 4th of July is right around the corner! I’m trying to do my best to slow down the days and really appreciate everything that the Cape offers in the summer - and I think this family will help me do that!

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And then the fog rolled in!...A Family Photo Session on Cape Cod

Friday was a perfect Cape Cod day - lots of sun, a slight breeze, barely a cloud in the sky, and nothing different forecasted. I had a Family photo session scheduled for 7:15pm, so I left my house with a little extra time to be able to scope out the beach and make sure there weren’t any unexpected changes.

As I pulled into the center of Osterville, it seemed like it was getting a little chilly outside. I closed my windows and thought it was a little bit strange…I continued on towards Dowses Beach and turned left onto the long drive. As soon as I took that turn, everything was grey and I saw a huge fog bank rolling right across the water. The temperature dropped another few degrees and I realized that I couldn’t even see the waves from the parking lot!

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A Windy Beach Family Session on Cape Cod

It’s been awhile since I’ve actually had to cancel a photo session - last year I seemed to luck out every time there was a rain storm - I was either free that day, or the rain cleared up leaving beautiful skies. Last Friday, I wasn’t so lucky! Emily and Lindsay had been planning their photos to coincide with their quick Cape Cod vacation and I was excited to check out a new location!

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Graduation 2019 - A Family Session in Massachusetts

When Claudia first reached out to me for Family photos, she let me know that she had three daughters graduating from college this year and she was hoping to plan a session in between all of the graduations and parties. We lucked out with a perfect day and Claudia’s backyard was an amazing place for photos. Her daughter, Cheyenne, graduated with a Masters in Social Work and her daughters Savannah and Indigo both have their bachelors degrees! Seeing them so excited and proud, reminded me of graduating college myself…(18 years ago!) and then grad school a few years later. For those of you who don’t know, I also work as an Occupational Therapist in Home Care, but I’m making it a goal to switch over to photography as my main income, by the end of the year!

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