The littlest feet always make the biggest footprints in our hearts.
— unknown

Fresh 48 and Newborn Lifestyle Sessions:

Fresh 48 sessions provide you with photos that are perfect for remembering those first days of your child’s life. Each session takes place in the hospital and allows you to capture those first few hours of your baby’s life as it unfolds – the small details (little feet and hands), the big moments (the first time meeting a sibling, if you choose), and everything in between (family snuggles, and intimate moments between the parents and their newborn).

Newborn Lifestyle photos capture your interactions as a new family, without leaving your own home! No need to pack up the diaper bag and worry about forgetting something. I'll help you into comfortable, casual poses, but, honestly, just seeing the love you have for your newest little one makes for amazing photos. Because we're at your house, we can capture the nursery you put so much work into and can even include the furry family members if you choose! The sessions can take place at any time, but most people aim to complete them in the first one or two months. 

About two weeks after your session, I'll post all of your photos in an online, digital gallery (and you can see how much your little one has grown in a few weeks!) You'll choose the digital files (a $1000+ value!) that are included in your session fee and complete any additional purchases from your gallery!

Fresh 48 sessions are 45 minutes and include 20 digital files that you choose.
Newborn Lifestyle sessions are 90 minutes and include 30 digital files that you choose.

Additional travel fees may apply:

Fresh 48 & 10x10 Album:
Includes all of your edited files and a memorable 10x10 album

Newborn Lifestyle & 10x10 Album:
Includes all of your edited files and a memorable 10x10 album

Fresh 48 All-inclusive:
Includes all of your edited files

Newborn Lifestyle All-inclusive:
Includes all of your edited files

Fresh 48 with 20 digitals that you choose:

Newborn Lifestyle with 30 digitals that you choose: