Learn how to master your camera!

Did you just buy a new camera or have you had one for years and don't know how to use it?

This class is for you!

Go from this:

Example of underexposed subject for photo class in Massachusetts

To this:
F/1.8, 1/2000, ISO 400

Example of properly exposed subject for photo class in Massachusetts

By the end of the class you'll be able to: 

  • Shoot in "manual"

  • Blur backgrounds

  • Know what shutter speed to choose to stop motion

  • Take better photos of any subject you choose

Class Options:

  • 2- hour Private Lesson in your home -$250

  • 3-hour Group Class at your home  - $200/person (3 person min)

  • Scheduled 3-hour Group Class in my studio (Hyannis, MA) - $150/person

student looking at camera during photography class in Massachusetts

"Cathie's beginner photography class was amazing! I was nervous going to the class thinking that I wouldn't be able to follow along and I'd be lost. But after the first five minutes in class I realized just the opposite. She was so attentive to everyone and their specific cameras, questions, and goals. By the end of the class I really felt like I got it! I'm so happy that I finally know how to use my camera that I've had for years! As my husband would say, "that camera is glued to you now". I can't wait to continue learning and working with Emerald Eye Photography for my photography needs.' - Katie D.

"I took a beginner photography class with Cathie and it was great! It was a really great way to get to know your camera, ask questions and learn the "lingo"! I saw my pictures improve over the course of the 3hr session and I'm excited to practice! Cathie is very encouraging and I would feel comfortable asking her questions going forward. She also gave us a great beginners guide which I know I will be referring back to. I would recommend this session to anyone and I am looking forward to taking another class soon!" - MaryEllen

Example of photo shot during photography class in Boston Massachusetts

Learning to use manual mode for photography in Massachusetts

Canon or Nikon DSLR - with the ability to shoot in Manual ("M")


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