light and lotus - Essential Oils for Moms, Babies, and Kids


Jess owns light and lotus - an essential oil company that caters to Moms, Babies and Kids. Located in Boston, she is happy to have you come to a class, but she also offers one on one consults in person or over the phone!

She is the mom of a three and six year old and knows how challenging it can be to care for her children while also maintaining her own self care practice, with natural and non-toxic products. Essential Oils were a lifesaver for her in terms of her children's health and also her own emotional well-being.


Her best advice to moms would be to empower yourself with information - read the ingredients in your baby shampoo, soap, household cleaners, and your own products. It is so simple to switch all those over essential oils...She even has special "mommy kits" so the work is done for you!

Also, always listen to your intuition - As a mom you know what is best for your baby. It can be intimidating and overwhelming to get advice from in-laws, friends, and doctors but when you tap into your intuition you will be able to make the best decision for your family!


If you're interested in connecting, please email Jess at Also, check out her website at and on instagram @lightandlotus for more Info!

As a special offer for Emerald Eye Photography clients, Jess is happy to offer free wellness consults to help see what oils would be best for your babies! (75$ value) Definitely take her up on this offer! I've just recently started using EO's and they are amazing!

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