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Vida Leche Amor - Beautiful Nursingwear, wearable throughout the entire Postpartum experience

Logo for a business catering to Pregnant and new Moms in Boston, Massachusetts.
Vida Leche Amor, a company providing breastfeeding clothing that is fashionable, to new moms in Massachusetts.

I was so excited to write this post when I received Lauren's photos of her clothing line for New Moms! These aren't the typical pieces that are loose, baggy, and ill-fitting. Vida Leche Amor is cut to fit and flatter a woman's shape during the entire breastfeeding relationship, not just the immediate postpartum period.  Many of their styles are also pregnancy-compatible.  Their tanks are close fitting, though not clingy, for a sleek, flattering fit, rather than cut in an a-line shape like most nursing tanks on the market.  Their tops and dresses are designed to flatter your changing body and make you feel beautiful and confident no matter where you are on your breastfeeding/pumping journey.  

Clothing for Moms of Newborns in Boston Massachusetts
Amazing clothing for new Moms in Massachusetts

The Vida Leche Amor collection is colorful and contemporary. Their tops and dresses are designed to fit and flatter a woman's changing body throughout the entire full-term breastfeeding relationship. 

New clothing line for Moms in Boston and on Cape Cod Massachusetts

 Each piece in the Vida Leche Amor collection is designed for quick and easy access, whether you are relaxing and nursing your baby comfortably on the couch, squeezing in a quick pumping session between meetings at work, or out on the town breastfeeding while babywearing.  All of their fabrics are stretchy, soft, comfortable for mom and baby, and easy to care for.  Vida Leche Amor is proudly and ethically made in the United States with the utmost attention to detail, quality and fit.  Each piece an investment that can be confidently worn while nursing multiple children and even after your children have weaned with no trace of the clothes' original breastfeeding function.

Boston newborn and Maternity photographer - new clothing line for New Moms to ease breastfeeding.

Because Lauren has worked with so many new Moms, she has some great words of advice. "Read and learn everything you can about all aspects of motherhood, but know that the best learning will be done on the job.  You know your baby better than anyone, and you are the best mom for your baby.  People will always give you advice, and a lot of that advice will feel like criticism, which will hurt more than it should.  If the advice is unwanted or not helpful, try to let it go and be confident that you know what's best for your baby and your family."

Cape Cod and Boston maternity and Newborn breastfeeding clothing.

To see more of this company's beautiful clothing, check out their website at or email Lauren at While you're there, sign up for their Mama Tribe - you'll receive a cute window decal and 15% off of your purchase! Let Lauren know you saw her post here!

Cathie Atwood