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Pembroke, Massachusetts - Prenatal Massage and Energy Work

Massage Loft New England offers Maternity massages in Massachusetts

Pregnant Moms and new Moms-to-be...This post is for you! Ashleigh owns Massage Loft New England in Pembroke and says it is the "perfect little escape that offers new moms and mothers to be a place to leave their worries behind, and have no one to take care of...with the only goal for an hour or more being relaxation, deep breathing, and rejuvenating." Who wouldn't want that? 

Cape Cod Newborn Massage offered in Pembroke Massachusetts

She offers really amazing therapeutic or prenatal massage customized to a new Mom's body that is a blend of energy work and also light and deep muscular work depending on what is needed. To top it off, there's unlimited tea and water to stay hydrated, healthy snacks to stay nourished, and really awesome local resources on her referral board to connect with!

Cape Cod New Mom Massage in Massachusetts
Cape Cod Newborn Massage in Massachusetts

New Moms choose her because she's relatable, understanding, compassionate, non-judgemental, and supportive. She takes the time to understand your needs and tries to support you to the best of her ability. Not only is she experienced, but she knows how to work with a variety of ailments, and is always open to learning. Her practice is a peaceful, calming space where you can fully relax and not have to rush out...or worry about parking!

Cape Cod and Boston Newborn Massage

Ashleigh would love to hear from you - you can contact her through her website: or her facebook page here. Her website offers a mailing list with weekly updates as well as an online booking page and shop! 

Because Ashleigh works with so many new and expecting Moms, she has some great advice to give you: "Do whatever is needed to take care of yourself and don't want too long to make a change if something isn't going as expected - whether that be a change of mind, change of pace, change of scenery, or change of diet - just do whatever makes your soul happy as often as possible!" 

Sounds perfect to me! Contact Ashleigh to schedule your massage and take some time for yourself - let her know that you saw her post here too!

Cathie Atwood