The Birth Bag and Nightingale Night Nurses - Tools for Pregnancy, Labor, and Postpartum Care

Skilled and Compassionate Overnight Newborn Care - Serving Boston, its Suburbs, Metrowest and Central Massachusetts

Nightingale Night Nurses provides overnight Newborn care in Massachusetts.

The Nightingale Night Nurses is owned by Kristin. She is also the creator of the Birth Bag - a collection of practical tools for pregnancy, labor, and postpartum care. Not only is it helpful, but it's really cute too. I want to buy one just for the bag!

The Birth Bag provides assistance with pregnancy and labor for New Moms in Massachusetts.

Kristin says there really isn't anything like it out there on the market! You can find more info at "The Birth Bag includes nourishing snacks that can help provide much needed energy to sustain the physical demands of labor. Essential oils and massage tools to help with relaxation during labor and birth and early postpartum. A 20 page booklet filled with information from a seasoned doula on how to help prepare your body for birth. It also includes easy to use guides for writing a birth plan, preparing for a VBAC, comfort measures, Tips for partners and so much more!" She also offers smaller kits and Birth Affirmation cards which can be found on her site.

Birth bag for new Moms in Massachusetts
Boston New Moms essentials for Newborns in Massachusetts

In addition to this, Kristin's company also offers overnight Newborn care performed by a team of trained Doulas who have baby nurse experience and have undergone extensive background checks. She has great testimonials on her website and even offers a free consult! 

Review of Newborn Overnight care in Massachusetts.

Check out her services on her webpage: She can also be reached on the phone at 978.413.8316 and by email at

Kristin's advice for new Mom's is to know that "you are doing an amazing job! Just remember there is no right or wrong way to parent - only the way that feels right to you." Please contact her to set up your consult and let her know you saw her post on my page!

Cathie Atwood