Rising Tide Women's Wellness - Doulas, Perinatal Education, Lactation Support

Rising Tide Women's Wellness - Cape Cod, the South Shore, Boston

Rising Tide Women's Wellness - Helping New Moms and Newborns in Boston, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Liz and Lindsay own Rising Tide Women's Whole Life Wellness which serves Cape Cod, the South Shore, and Boston. They offer a whole menu of prenatal classes, including HypnoBirthing, more 'traditional' childbirth prep classes, breastfeeding and newborn care preparation, and pretty much anything else you can think of - all served with a fervent belief in the sacredness of birth and also with an irreverent sense of humor.  Lindsay provides solid labor support as a birth doula, while Liz is an IBCLC providing in-home lactation visits and breastfeeding support.  And on top of all that, they offer comprehensive post-birth support as postpartum doulas.  Basically, they'll walk with you from conception through birth and on, through the first year of parenthood.  You really couldn't ask for more!

Twin newborns under the care of Rising Tide Wellness on Cape Cod, in Boston, and on the South Shore of Massachusetts.
Rising Tide Women's Wellness specializing in Newborn care on Cape Cod, in Boston and on the South Shore in Massachusetts.

They are great at what they do because they're in it to support mothers and their partners as they become new parents.  Liz said "We have a great time doing what we do, and our clients get to join in the fun.  We'll give you the real talk on what you need to know, but always with kindness, compassion, and support.  Sisterhood is our thing; women supporting women is what we live for. Our best advice to new moms is to #SisterUp.  Don't go it alone!  Find your women, whether they are family, friends, a moms' group, or community members, who will support you and lift you up without judgement as you go along your parenting journey.  "

Liz and Lindsay would like to have people get in touch with them "by phone or by email, but any old way is great; carrier pigeon, telegraph, we're flexible."  Their website is www.risingtidewomen.com.

They are working to grow their sisterhood - not only for moms but for families, partners, and women at all stages of life!  They are there to #SisterUp with you!  Contact them to find out more about their services and let them you know you saw their post on my page!

Newborn and Prenatal Care in Boston and on Cape Cod
Cathie Atwood